At Broadband Services our longevity in the industry can be attributed to quality design and strong customer service. Our work with recognized, industry names is well known, but more important is the repeat business we earn. Time and again, industry leaders turn to Broadband Services to help them get the maximum performance from their network designs.


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for an excellent job you performed both internationally and domestically over the past few years. Your design skills, project management and production efficiency has provided invaluable assistance to S-A and our customers. As a result of your achievements Broadband Services is a recommended vendor for Scientific Atlanta Terrestrial Networks Design Department."

Michael Paniccia
Design Supervisor, Scientific-Atlanta


"I would like to thank you for the many years of outstanding design service that you have and continue to provide to our system. You have proven yourself through six different rebuilds/upgrades and continue to keep pace with our growth in our service area. As you know, you are an approved and recommended designer for all Insight Communications Systems."

Dale Lambert
Plant Manager, Insight Communications


"We are a small system operator, serving small towns across the Midwest, and started upgrading some of our systems in 2004. At the particular time, we had not secured our own design software, and wanted to have some systems professionally designed for upgrade. I had a meeting with Doug Coverdale, the owner of Broadband Services, and was very impressed with his knowledge of system design, drafting, and different architectures used within the industry. After making the decision to use his services, I supplied him with equipment specifications for all of our passive and active devices, and I was pleased with his attention to detail, in regard to correct specifications for the design. He completed design on 3 different systems for us, all of them being different in plant, location, and architecture, and delivered a quality product to us for construction. I would use Doug for any future design needs we may have, and would have comfort in knowing we would receive a good, quality product."

Joe Ferrell
Director of Engineering, Longview Communications


"Broadband Services is one of the best design contractors I have used in my 18 year career in telecommunications.They have always stepped up to any design challenge I have tasked them with, and have been a pleasure to work with. They have overcome difficult situations on new build projects because of easement constrictions. Doug Coverdale has maintained a strict homes per mile and actives per mile design in tight easement constricted areas working hands on with my local staff. Working with Broadband Services I have kept all timelines and would recommend them for your next design."

Jaytee Novaria
Construction and Engineering Manager
WOW! Internet-Cable & Phone